Why is the new electric Nissan X-Trail an ecological aberration?

Nissan unveils its all-new electric X-Trail, based on e-POWER technology. It is an electric car, or rather hybrid, which needs gasoline to power its battery…

Nissan X-Trail
Nissan X-Trail

It was thought that electric cars with a generator – like the la BMW i3 REXor the brand new Audi RS Q e-tron E2 — were going to fall by the wayside. But that was without counting on Nissan and its e-POWER system which arrived in Europe this year with the Qashqai. The Japanese manufacturer has just lifted the veil on its new X-Trail SUV, the fourth generation. And unfortunately, it still runs on gasoline, while being electric.

Unable to charge the battery without gasoline

Indeed, the new Nissan X-Trail is actually more a hybrid car than electric. As the site summed it up very well Clean Automotive, the e-POWER system is an exotic hybrid architecture. The car can be qualified as electric since the motors are electric and powered by a very small battery (1.8 kWh on the X-Trail). But this one is recharged by… a petrol engine ! Unable to charge via outlet.

Nissan X-Trail
Nissan X-Trail

What is the point ? Nissan emphasizes the sensations of 100% electric driving without recharging constraints“. A way to admit half-word that the manufacturer has fallen behind on the 100% electric car? It is possible, while the Nissan Ariirathe first “real” electric car in the range, has just arrived and did not leave us indifferent during our test drive.

Nissan overshadows the electric car

Too bad therefore to overshadow the 100% electric offer with this kind of hybrid system, not at all adapted to fight against global warming, under the guise of ease of use. Especially since the environment is moving really fast, with for example the announcement ofan electric car with 1,000 km of autonomy for 2023 or fast charging, which will increase to 10 minutes next year and 5 minutes in the years to come.

Nissan is also showing a little bad faith, since one of the advantages of the electric car is precisely, in daily use, not to need to refuel at the service station. Just park at home (provided you have a home socket), plug in your car, and go about your business.

Nissan X-Trail: an interesting thirsty crossover

It’s all the more unfortunate that the new Nissan X-Trail is a really interesting vehicle. It is indeed a crossover capable of accommodating seven passengers in its cabin. The supply of seven-seater electric cars is scarce, in particular because of the Tesla Model Y in 7-seater version which is long overdue.

But as shown by the figures put forward by Nissan in his press releasethe X-Trail requires between 5.8 and 6.7 liters of gasoline to travel 100 km, depending on the cycle mixte WLTP. So it’s definitely not an electric car.

A plug-in hybrid X-Trail would have had more interest for the planet, with an actual consumption that could have been around 4.5 liters per 100 km, provided of course to recharge it regularly. But Nissan doesn’t seem to appreciate charging, unlike the European Union, which precisely wants users of plug-in hybrids to go to the terminal more often. Before the hybrids go to the trap in the long term.

Are you planning to change your car soon and you no longer know where to start between hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars? We will enlighten you.
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