This ultra-powerful mini electric motorhome has no limits (or almost)

The first images of the Adventure 1 from the Canadian brand Potential Motors promise us a small vehicle ready for travel and adventure closer to nature. The perfect companion for a real motorhome!


Next to electric cars “normal”, we also see more and more development of zero-emission leisure vehicles. This goes through generalist manufacturers, likeOpel et son Zafira e-Life or of Volkswagen with the highly anticipated ID. Buzz which will also be entitled to its fitted version. And then there are much more specific vehicles that intend to take advantage of this forced passage to electric to reinvent travel, like the Campworks solar caravan.

The latest is called Adventure 1 and comes to us from Potential Motors, a Canadian firm based in Hanwell, New Brunswick. A compact vehicle, high on legs, optimized for off-road, and which, while awaiting its production scheduled for 2024, is already available for order!

A look that hides great abilities

The cubic and compact look of this Potential Adventure 1 seems straight inspired by the famous Japanese “kei car”, which must not exceed a specific cylinder capacity or a predefined size, so as not to clog the traffic of the metropolises of the land of the Rising Sun. Only 1.62 meters wide, it would pass a Renault Zoe for a Hummer EV !

On the design side, not much to highlight, it’s very cubic. We still immediately notice the large glass surface, which should be appreciated especially from the inside to contemplate the landscapes. Other elements mark its purely off-road side, such as its large tires, its marked wheel arches, its towing hooks or the spare wheel on the roof. You will notice the recesses above the rear wheels that serve as a ladder! And all that is not superfluous when you know that it was precisely designed to venture off the beaten track.

It is especially inside that the magic of this Adventure 1 operates. And there, don’t be fooled by its mini-size, it’s a real motorhome! If it can accommodate up to four passengers, two people can sleep there. Double bed, kitchenette with two gas burners, sink and fridge… In addition, a reserve of 40 liters of water and 2,500 liters of storage space are also provided.

6318cd71cb9c6892c1887efc_interior_render_2 (1)

160 km of autonomy in all terrain

If the Adventure 1 wants to get off the road so badly, it just can’t go on the road. At least, not all of them. Indeed, it is approved UTV, that is to say as a quad, and as an OHV, understand Off Highway Vehicle, that is to say that it cannot venture on the highway. But anyway, its autonomy does not really allow it to travel far.

Indeed, Potential Motors announces 160 km of maximum distance (off-road) on a single charge. On the engine side, the total power of 612 horsepower (604 hp) is sent to two motors to be able to move in four-wheel drive. The torque, important for getting out of tricky off-road situations, reaches 1000 Nm.


It was indeed designed with an approach angle of 40 degrees, a departure angle of 45° and a peak angle (under the vehicle) of 29°. It goes almost everywhere! And of course, it has all kinds of body protection so you don’t risk leaving feathers during extreme rides.

Driving aids are added to be able to explore unknown lands in complete peace of mind, in particular with an OS that detects the type of terrain and adjusts the car settings accordingly.

In very limited series

Even if for the moment the Adventure 1 of Potential Motors is not ready, it is already available in pre-order. And it is not cheap: count 136,600 dollars excluding taxes (about the same price in euros at the current exchange rate)! It’s very expensive, especially for a vehicle that clearly complements a larger motorhome and would allow you to escape where the road ends for a night or two.

6317b9fbbc7a98150f2980bf_scene4-final (1)

As for production, it is not scheduled before 2024… for orders honored in 2025. Patience! But if you are interested, know that there will probably not be for everyone, Potential Motors announcing a very limited number of copies.

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