This Renault Clio Williams will panic the auction

A 1995 Renault Clio Williams will soon be auctioned by Aguttes. This bombinette could well lead the bidders to fight for a very particular reason: it has only 15 kilometers on the clock.


As part of its summer car collection sale, the Aguttes house will offer several dozen vehicles at auction. From an Austin Mini to a Lamborghini Countach to a 1926 Bugatti or motorcycles from the 70s, there really is something for everyone. But the one we have retained is this Renault Clio Williams de 1995.

Wanted model

If the Renault Clio Williams caught our eye, it’s primarily because it’s a legend of French production and that she is among the most wanted youngtimers. This heir to the R8 Gordini and other R5 GT Turbos appeared in 1993 in the form of a limited series so that Renault can enter it in competition. Given its success, production was maintained until 1996 with 12,000 copies produced. Obviously, her look with this blue paint contrasting with the golden rims and the performance offered by its 2.0l 147 horsepower engine were no strangers to this success.

Almost new

But if this copy of the Clio Williams stands out among the many cars that will also be offered at auction by Aguttes, it is also by its close to zero mileage that makes it almost new. Think about it, its counter displays as follows: 000015 km traveled. According to Aguttes, this most certainly makes the lowest mileage Clio Williams in the world.

This copy was delivered new at the Renault Autospazio garage in the region of Naples in southern Italy. Since then, it has been carefully preserved by its three owners. According to Aguttes, the body would thus be in perfect state of presentation with original paint. The model also has the original manufacturers’ badges, markings, stickers, lights and rims in a new condition. The interior would also appear in an exceptional state of conservation, whether at the level of the seats, the carpet, the headlining or even the plastics.

Big odds

As a result of the qualities of the Clio Williams and the explosion of the youngtimers rating typed GTI in recent years, it is currently becoming difficult to find a beautiful Clio Williams under the 20,000 € mark. At auction, this bombinette can even reach 40,000 €. And for the example that interests us here, the estimate is even higher since it ranges from €45,000 to €65,000!

The verdict will fall during the planned sale June 26 at 2 p.m. by Aguttes Neuilly.

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