this new fixed speed camera is causing real carnage!

The town of Poissy (78) has entirely moved to zone 30: a new fixed speed camera, placed at the entrance to the town, is having a blast…

The town of Poissy, in Yvelines (78), is one of those who have decided to spend all their streets in zone 30 km/h since 2021, including departmental roads. And it is precisely one of these that poses a problem: a fixed radarset at 30 km/h and placed at the entrance to the city, has been distributing since it was set up many VPs as a welcome gift.

This new speed limit of 30 km/h was announced by the municipality when it was put in place, thanks to information boards placed in the street: these have now been removed, and only a “Zone 30” sign remains, installed on the entrance sign to agglomeration, as required by the Highway Code

Radar zone 30 km/h: a very lucrative radar

When you arrive in Poissy by the departmental road 190, from the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, you drive on the avenue du Général Eisenhower: a wide road separated from the neighboring houses by walls, lined with trees, and downhill. Under these conditions, as you can well imagine, it is difficult to maintain the speed of 30 km/hwithout braking and without keeping your eyes permanently on the speedometer.

It is precisely at this location that was installed a fixed speed camera, set to 30 km/hand well concealed by vegetation: since then, it crackles at all costs, and punishes motorists who have slightly exceeded the speed limit, with a nice surprise sent by mail a few days later.

Radar zone 30 km / h: a trap for many motorists

On the specialized site Radars-autothe many victims of this radar denounce “a great feeling of injustice” and one « vol pure et simple » in this “town of Poissy which extorts its inhabitants”recalling the non-accident-prone nature of this well-secured axis.

A few meters upstream, the presence of a speed camera is however well indicated by a sign “For your safety, frequent speed camera checks”, but the problem is that it is drowned among lots of other information : there are “Zone 30” signs lined with fluorescent to remind you of the speed limit, a town entrance totem, a street map, a bus stop, a “towns and villages in bloom” sign, another warning the presence of a pedestrian crossing, an end of priority road sign, signs recalling the parking and delivery regulations, or the presence of video surveillance and video verbalization.

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Radars zone 30 km/h : encore rares pour l’instant

Since the establishment of zones 30 in many cities of the hexagon, there exists for the moment in France only 6 radars fixes configured to flash at this speed, all located in Île-de-France: one in Poissy, three in Paris and two in Choisy-le-Roi (94).

Another 30 km/h radar was installed in Lyon, but has since been dismantled: the Rhône Prefecture declared on this occasion that the radars had no “not intended to be installed on axes at 30 km/h”except in the case of “proven accident-prone nature”