this electric off-roader is built for adventure

Volkswagen unveils the ID. Xtreme, based on its ID.4 GTX electric car. A 100% electric super off-road concept that could well hit the production road in the years to come in another form.

Volkswagen ID. Xtreme

After being tormented by the dieselgate affair more than five years ago, Volkswagen has embarked on an unprecedented transformation with the arrival of a 100% electric range. Far from being complete yet, it is already quite well supplied with ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and others ID. Buzzthe Bulli of modern times.

In a few years, Volkswagen will introduce new products, starting with theID.2, a model that is intended to be affordable and whose price should be around 25,000 euros in base price. A sedan, the ID.7, replacing the Passat, should also point the tip of its nose in a few months. It could beat the autonomy record with a single charge within the Volkswagen range thanks to particularly worked aerodynamics.

More power and more fun?

But while waiting for all these beautiful novelties, Volkswagen reveals to us, through a press release, a rather eccentric concept car that should prove to electric critics that this energy can give us fun cars. Here is the concept car ID. Extreme, a kind of 100% electric super off-roader which should prefigure some new features to come within the Volkswagen range, and perhaps new equipment within the accessories catalog.

The ID. Xtreme builds on the foundations of the ID.4 and ID.5 GTX, a model that we tried a few months ago and which unfortunately did not really thrill us. But this concept car must undoubtedly correct all the faults that we have been able to identify, starting with the slight lack of dynamism. The ID. Xtreme has the right to a new software and a new engine allowing to increase the power of 88 ch to thus climb to 387 ch.


The car rides on off-road specific 18-inch wheels and has better ground clearance compared to the ID.4 GTX. To complete the range, Volkswagen has added a kind of bullbar at the front and modified the front bumper to make it a little more resistant. The front fenders are also 50mm wider than the base model.

On the roof, we find an LED ramp which is inserted between the two roof bars. Aluminum protections have been added on the sides and at the level of the shields, while prominent wheel arches complete the set. Not sure that we find all of these elements as accessories, but in any case it gives a hell of a look to the German off-road.

Little chance of seeing it on our roads

In addition to the aesthetic side, Volkswagen has also added a specific artificial noise which is retransmitted outside the vehicle by a sound generator located at the level of the wheel arches. Unfortunately, the brand did not reveal the sound, but it should be different from that of the ID.4 and probably stick to the spirit outdoor of this beautiful baby.

Volkswagen ID. Xtreme

Inside, the Wolfsburg firm hasn’t revealed any photos, we just know that new Alcantara inserts have been added, while new seats are on the way with a few touches of orange to echo the exterior livery.

Volkswagen specifies that the vehicle was developed on the basis of an existing ID.4 test vehicle, therefore, apart from the few aesthetic changes and the addition of some additional horses under the hood, everything concerning the battery do not change. Thus, the concept benefits from the large battery of 77 kWh which is supposed to make it possible to carry out approximately 489 km on a single charge. In fact, with such a powerful model and made to go trudge, there is little chance that it will manage to reach this figure. Volkswagen specifies that at this stage, no marketing of this model is planned.

After the e-up! and the new ID.3, Volkswagen is drawing a third 100% electric model in its range with a family SUV the size of a Volkswagen Tiguan. But can we really travel serenely today…
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