Think of professionals for your used electric car

Pending the development of networks of mechanics capable of intervening at an acceptable price on breakdowns concerning the traction battery and the elements of the powertrain, it is already possible to acquire an electric car with more confidence. opportunity. How ? Going through a professional who will guarantee the good health of these elements.

Diverse range

There are more and more professionals who offer vehicles on the Internet. But they do not necessarily have a very extensive electromobile offer. This is why it is interesting to choose those who are best placed on this subject. For example, the range of electric cars on the site Stellantis &You is made up of 65 second-hand entries and 9 in demonstration models, with a great diversity in terms of types and segments.

On August 5, 2022, there are for example: Peugeot Ion, e-208, and e-2008; Citroën C-Zero, ë-C4 and ë-Spacetourer; DS 3 Crossback E-Tense; Opel Corsa-e and Zafira-e; Renault Zoe; Smart Fortwo. The whole most often in several copies. You can even occasionally find utility vehicles there, like this Peugeot Partner currently highlighted.

It will be difficult to observe in concession such a large supply of used electric cars as the market surges. However, it is many dealers who display their EV models on this site. You might find yours there.

Battery status to check

However, if you had to go through a private individual or a garage that would only offer a somewhat short warranty, especially concerning the battery, you will need to ensure that the pack is in good condition. Few salespeople, however, will allow you to use the car for a full day or two. However, it would be a good thing to check that the original autonomy is still there or in any case not too diminished.

While it’s clear that on the pitch you’ll find it hard to match the figures of the official WLTP cycles, halving the range, especially after a smooth ride in mild temperatures, should make you wary.

The ideal would be to be able to obtain a health check, passing for example by Moba, formerly known as “The Beautiful Battery”. The list of compatible vehicles has grown significantly, with around forty electric models supported, some of which are very recent. Thus the Opel Mokka-e, Citroën ë-C4, Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4, Skoda Enyaq and Dacia Spring.

8-10 years of tranquility

In the early 2010s, manufacturers estimated battery life at least 5 years with normal use of the electric car. With hindsight, but also the progress made on the cells, it is possible to count on 10 years of peace and more before the usable energy capacity drops below 70-75%.

This range is the threshold below which a lithium-ion pack is considered too weak to keep vehicles moving. However, this does not necessarily mark the end of the life of the cells, which can still be used for stationary energy storage for a few years.

If losing more than a quarter of the possibilities of the battery was indeed a problem with cars with a real autonomy of the order of 120-150 km, it is much less so with large packs. Abandoning 100 km, for 400 km of autonomy originally, still leaves a very nice margin to move relatively far.

When will there be a network of special VE garages?

The fears that weigh today on the state of health of the batteries embedded in second-hand electric cars are mainly fueled by the impossibility of traditional networks of mechanics to intervene to repair them at an acceptable cost. Hence the disproportionate quotes that can easily exceed 20,000 euros, whereas in many cases an invoice of 1,000 euros, parts and labor, would suffice.

It is sometimes only a cell, a probe, a sensor or any electronic component that is faulty. Several companies have already tried to emerge in specialized EV repair. Most of the time without a sequel, or without the sequels they had imagined at the start. One of them, however, seems to be off to a very good start, with a first address recording excellent results. It’s about Revolte E-Garages network in court of constitution.

After the Rennes site (35) opened a few weeks ago, the Nantes site should be inaugurated during the month of September. This structure plans to train mechanics to form a convincing national network. Its roadmap for an electric car to be able to operate for more than 100 years is likely to reassure motorists who would still hesitate to go electric.