These models which will be launched by the end of the year and which are worth seeing

At the end of 2022, many models will arrive on the market. We take a quick tour of those that seem the most interesting.

Despite the component crisis and a certain gloom, car manufacturers are continuing to work. what we continually come up with new models, new engines and/or updates to current models. A short tour of the reasons for the interesting models for the end of the year.

Electrical side

If your two main criteria are an electric model and a contained price, you will find what you are looking for among Chinese manufacturers. These are currently carving out an unexpected market share. Thus, on the side of MGthese are the compact MG4 et break MG5 arriving at the dealership at the end of the year. Space on board and contained quality/price ratio will offset a divisive design.

Chez Aiwaysafter the U5, here is the coupe SUV version called U6. It uses the same recipe with a variation that aims to be sportier and younger.

Still in Asia, on the side of Korea, it is the Hyundai Ioniq 6 that will come to market. A large sedan with a particular style which should offer an interesting value for money, Hyundai being ahead of the electric.

In addition to the Rhine, more expensive models will arrive for the end of the year, but also much better finished with more convincing handling.

Thus, Audi will inaugurate its PPE platform with the new Q6 e-tron. For its part, BMW will offer its new 100% electric i3 saloon as well as its compact SUV iX1. It should very quickly become one of the best-selling electric models for the manufacturer.

A little further, in the Czech Republic, Skoda begins to produce sound Enyaq Coupe. This SUV, with a sportier look and better finish than its cousin ID.5, without overpaying it, is destined for a certain success.

In France, thehe Peugeot e-208 gets an entry-level finish “Like” which should help it maintain its good position among the best-selling electric vehicles in France.

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Combustion engine side

BMW updates its 3 Series and launch on the market brand new sound X1. Each with deserved success so far, but steep prices. For the more sporty, the manufacturer will start selling its M2, this very sporty little coupe boasting exceptional behavior, while being much less expensive than an M3. Still with the Germans, Mercedes is concessioning its brand new GLC.

On the other hand in terms of prices, Dacia is updating its entire range. Mainly thanks to a new visual identity which is distinguished by a new grille and a much more modern logo. The Romanian manufacturer should thus sell its Sandero and other restyled Dustersat unbeatable prices… with disconcerting ease.

Finally at Honda, the nouvelle Civic and: HEV hybrid should satisfy customers looking for reliability, an excellent chassis and an honest price. While the Toyota Corolla Cross will come to compete a Peugeot 3008 which is starting to fade. But the French company can count on its brand new model, the Peugeot 408to take over.