The price of the electric Fiat 500 explodes: €5,000 more for the cheapest model

Fiat has just reorganized its range of finishes for the 500 electric. Except that the Italian brand took the opportunity to proceed with a price increase of several thousand euros. A price update that clearly does not go unnoticed on this small city car.

The electric Fiat 500 saw its sales increase, until arriving on the podium of French and European sales of electric cars for many months. Its style and practicality won over buyers. Its price was also a good argument in its favour, since this model started at around €25,000 (before the ecological bonus). Except that there was a change on September 15, 2022, as detected Clean Automotive. Fiat has just updated its configurator… and the entry-level Fiat 500e is now €30,400.

Tesla is not the only one with significant price changes. The minimum entry ticket for the Fiat 500e just went from €25,400 to €30,400 in one day, a 20% increase.

An overhaul of the range from 6 to 3 finishes

It is the reorganization in the finishes which would partly justify the increase in the entry level of the electric Fiat 500 by more than 5,000 €. The smaller finish fades in favor of a version that offers a little more equipment. The fact remains that all the prices of the 500 electric range have nevertheless increased significantly.

Until now, the Fiat 500 electric range consisted of 6 finishes: Action, Action Plus (or passion), RED, Icon, Icon Plus and La Prima. Some finishes were associated only with one of the two engines: 70 kW with 23.8 kWh battery or 87 kW with the 42 kWh battery. Finally, if you were interested in the convertible or 3+1 body, the choice of finishes and engines were again different. If you lose your Latin, it’s normal. It is for this reason that this revamp of the range is probably a good thing.

test of the new FIAt 500 // Source: Raphaelle Baut for Numerama

From now on, you will have to choose between 3 finishes: “new 500”, RED and La Prima. These are available for all engines and bodies, with one exception with the RED finish which is not available on the 3+1 version.

It will however be necessary to be careful on the new entry-level finish, certain elements previously included (in a finish like Action Plus) become optional packs displayed at 1,200 €. The comfort pack and the tech pack can be interesting, but they still raise the bill by more than €2,400.

The new Fiat 500 electric prices for September 2022

We have listed the prices of the new range to help you see more clearly:

Bodywork – Finish Motorization 70 kW
(23.8 kWh battery)
Motorization 87 kW
(42 kWh battery)
Sedan – new 500 30 400 € 33 900 €
Berline – RED 31 400 € 34 900 €
Berline – The First 35 000 € 38 500 €
3+1 – new 500 32 400 € 35 900 €
3 + 1 – The First 37 000 € 40 500 €
Convertible – new 500 33 800 € 37 300 €
Cabriolet – RED 34 800 € 38 300 €
Cabriolet – The Premium 38 400 € 41 900 €

Many variations have been created in this evolution of the range. Until now, the La Prima versions were reserved for the larger battery (42 kWh), while RED and the entry level were only available on the small battery (23.8 kWh). You can now opt for a 500 with the small battery, but with a premium finish. You can also have access to the convertible version, or 3+1, with the small battery and the simplest finish.

Fiat 500 “3+1” // Source: Raphaelle Baut for Numerama

The fact remains that on the finishes that have remained identical to the catalog, the prices displayed have taken quite a blow. The RED and La Prima finishes saw their prices jump by €3,000 compared to the prices, already significantly increased, of the 1is January 2022.

Sedan 23.8 kWh (entry level) La Prima sedans 42 kWh
Avril 2021 24 500 € 34 900 €
January 2022 25 400 € (+ 900 €) 35 900 € (+ 1 000 €)
September 2022 30 400 € (+ 5 000 €) 38 500 € (+ 2 600 €)

All electric models undergo increases

This increase in Fiat prices is quite significant, prices have inflated between 10 and 20% depending on the finish. But Fiat is far from the only automaker to raise prices. We had of course observed it at Tesla, and other American brands like Rivian or Lucid. We have also noticed that brands, such as Volkswagenhad reshaped their ranges and took the opportunity to increase prices.

The low cost Dacia is not left out, since the Spring rose in a few months from €16,990 to €19,800 for its basic configuration.

Paradoxically, while many brands are revising their prices upwards, the Chinese manufacturer MG has just announced a new MG4 from €28,990. Customers will end up having trouble understanding how a compact sedan can be cheaper than a mini-city car, like the 500, which now exceeds €30,000. Not easy!

The turbulence zone of electric car prices is not over. Raw materials and production costs continue to soar. All of this has a significant impact, particularly on the battery pricewhich make up a good part of the selling price of an electric vehicle.

Moral of the story, if a electric car please, don’t take too long to decide. Enter here reduction of the €1,000 bonus in 2023 and the rise in raw materials, which will have repercussions on prices, currently betting on a reduction in the price of electric vehicles by the end of the year, seems to us a bit risky.