The benefits of a home charging station

If you own an electric car, consider installing a charging station at your home. Discover the advantages of this layout.

Electric vehicles are currently experiencing quite a boom in the mobility market. As they need to be recharged, the installation of a electric charging station at home turns out to be quite advantageous. Discover the advantages of this solution.

Installing an electric charging station at home is a quick solution

Previously, charging an electric car was only done at public charging stations. However, finding a public charging station near your home can be a real obstacle course. Indeed, it is quite difficult to collect precise information about them, especially on their exact location. Moreover, even if a public charging station is located near your home, it may be out of order. This only increases the stress of charging your car and using it. Fortunately, in your home, you can easily avoid this kind of inconvenience.

Depending on the type of electric charging station to be installed in your home, it is quite possible to obtain a optimal charge in a short time. It all depends on the capacity of the bollard you plan to install. To find out if the charging station is suitable for your electric vehicle, you must refer to the power of the vehicle, the type of connection offered by the operator and your daily needs of your transport equipment.

Installing an electric charging station at home is an economical solution

To charge your electric car on public charging stations, you need to subscribe. However, the subscription only takes into account access to the terminal. Thus, you must also pay the recorded electricity consumption in addition to the annual fee. The latter amounts to around €120 per year and the price per kWh is charged between €0.36 and €0.75, or even €0.90 at fast charging stations. Thus, taking all these elements into account, installing an electric charging station at your home is a wise choice.

Regardless of the electric charging station installed at your home, the price per kWh varies according to the electricity supplier. However, the price is often around the 0.24 to 0.34 € per kWh. This price may decrease if you have solar panels. By starting to charge your electric car during off-peak hours, you can benefit from discounts. In addition to the advantages during use, installing a home charging station also offers tax relief and allows you to obtain a tax credit.

The other advantages of installing an electric terminal at home

As you know, it is possible to charge an electric car via a conventional household socket. However, this solution is less secure since the socket delivers a powerful current for several hours, which increases the risk of overheating and the charging time. To optimize safety in your home, consider installing an electrical terminal equipped with circuit breakers and differential switches to avoid the risk of fire. The installation of a private electric terminal also increases the plus-value of your house in the event of resale.

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