Rolls-Royce, Bugatti… These most expensive cars in the world

Whether for their extraordinary features or their opulence, some particularly expensive cars are both dreaming and hallucinating. Overview of these most expensive brands and models in the world.

Often provided with luxe the most exclusive or non-standard technical characteristics – or both – the most expensive cars in the world panic enthusiasts and unleash passions. Some come from well-established historic brands, while others, unknown ones, are trying to find their way into the wallets of billionaires.

The most expensive historical brands

They are well known and one of them particularly stands out by displaying both the luxury and the exceptional technical data sheet. It is of course the Alsatian brand, Bugatti. This, in addition to presenting basic models, if indeed they can be characterized as such, such as the Chiron (1.5 million euros excluding taxes) regularly unveils unique models or very exclusive limited series such as the Divo at 5 million euros and limited to 40 copies (1,500 hp from the W16).

We still find the Centodieci which pays tribute to the EB110 on form and is limited to just 10 copies sold at 8 million euros (but for that price you get 1,600 hp).

Finally at Bugatti, the new Mistrala roadster which is exchanged for 5 million euros or even The Black Car. This unique model inspired by the Bugatti 57 SC Atlantique and entirely assembled by hand was acquired for the modest sum of 15,9 millions d’euros.

However, the Rolls-Royce Boat-Tail – considered by the brand as a rolling yacht and designed in only 3 copies – sold significantly more expensive than this Bugatti with an astronomical price of 23 million euros. Luxury and extreme refinement for this 5.79 meter long convertible with a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 developing 563 hp.

On the side of Lamborghini, many special models at exorbitant prices were presented and easily sold. We find the Sianan 863 hp V12 hybrid model limited to 63 copies which is exchanged for 4 million euros or the new LP 800-4 Countach of 800 hp. The 112 copies of the latter sold against 2.3 million euros.

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Luxury car brands in great shape

The new brands

More so recent for some which are now part of the automotive landscape with in particular Pagani and its extremely rare Zonda HP Barchetta whose 3 copies were invoiced 15.7 million euroseach.

On the Swedish side, Koenigsegg recently unveiled an amazing CC8 50 in homage to the brand’s first model. Initially planned for only 50 copies, this model equipped with a manual AND automatic gearbox will finally be manufactured in 70 units whose price, undisclosed, should greatly exceed 2 million euros.

Some makes and models such l’Aspark Owl to 2.9 million euros or the W Motors Lykan at 2.5 million euros tried their luck. Nevertheless, the exoticism does not seem to have taken contrary to the astonishing manufacturer of electric hypercar Rimac which passed without problem the 150 exemplars of sa Nevara exceeding 2 million euros. The first of them is also the property of the former Formula 1 world champion: Nico Rosberg.