Peugeot Rifter Vanderer: the compact electric motorhome

The Peugeot Rifter fitted out by Vanderer is one of the first motorhome models equipped with an electric motor. With a range of 270 km.

In a few years, the market for electric car greatly expanded and the possibilities are now much more numerous for those who want to drive without CO2 emissions. But on the motorhome supply side, the choice is much more limited.

Des obstacles

Less than a year ago, Auto Plus was already wondering: “Where are the electric motorhomes?” “. Because motorhomes and other converted vans most often remain motorized by diesel blocks. Several obstacles to the massive arrival of electric motorhomes stand thus, starting with the budget. Because for a vehicle as heavy and not very aerodynamic as a motorhome, it is necessary to large and expensive batteries.

Aside from the budget, there is also a weight issue with electric motorhomes, as those large batteries are likely to make them pass the 3.5 ton mark. It would therefore be necessary to limit the on-board equipment to remain under this limit and that they can be driven with a B license.

The solution

In this month of June 2022, the German company Vanderer comes with a solution to the obstacles mentioned above. As often, weight is the enemy and so Vanderer opted for the compact base of a Peugeot Rifter rather than for a large and heavy Peugeot Traveler often used as a base for fittings. Specifically, it is a 100% electric e-Rifter.

Vanderer nevertheless made the choice of longue version of e-Rifter which can accommodate a module including kitchen, fridge, sink and four beds. Cleverly, this module can be removed by two people without tools so as to recover volume if necessary.

Castrating autonomy?

On this model, the weight thus remains limited, especially since the battery only shows a capacity of 50 kWh and is therefore rather compact and less heavy. Obviously, the other side of the coin lies in the autonomy offered by this fitted van: 270 km. It will therefore be necessary to carefully define your itinerary before departure. However, it will be appreciated that recharging up to 80% of the battery only takes 30 minutes on a fast terminal. On a classic terminal, on the other hand, it will take 30 hours before a full recharge.

For now, the Peugeot e-Rifter Vanderer is only offered on the German market for a price that starts at €65,480.

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