Peugeot 308 Coupe. The Toyota GR86 eats Lion virtually

After pooling their strengths in the segment of city cars or utilities, Toyota and Peugeot could they join forces to revive a sports car from the lion brand? This is what the YouTube channel Theottle imagined by transforming a GR86 into a 308 Coupé, called 3086.


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YouTube channel Theottle imagined what it would be like to transform a Toyota GR86 into a Peugeot 308 Coupé.


Since the disappearance of the RCZ in 2015, many amateur designers have imagined what the return of a coupe to Peugeot could give. Specializing in photomontages, the YouTube channel Theottle has just been added to this long list. But, for her work, she chose a rather original base: that of the Toyota GR86. With many carefully performed mouse clicks, the Japanese sportswoman becomes unrecognizable. It adopts the sharp headlights, fang-shaped daytime running lights and large grille of the last Peugeot 308which do not seem out of place on this 2 + 2 coupe. the RCZ had chosen to share most of its face with the first generation of this compact lion, at least until his mid-career restyling. The stern of the Japanese coupe is also modified in the same spirit, with the arrival of thin rear lights connected by a black headband and the famous three-claw light signature.

A not-so-fantastic collaboration

This Peugeot 3086, as Theottle baptized it, is adorned here with the green chosen as the launch color for the 308 Sedan. It also takes up the idea of ​​putting the new Lion logo on the front fenders. On the other hand, its silhouette, its mirrors, side windows or even its duck-tail spoiler remind us that this virtual creation derives from a GR86. A choice that responds to a certain logic. Until recently, Toyota and Peugeot had indeed a partnership for the production of their small A-segment city cars, the 108 and Aygo. Today, only the Japanese brand has decided to stay in this category with its recent Aygo X, but it continues to source its utility vehicles from the Stellantis group. A collaboration in the world of coupés would therefore not be impossible. Especially since the GR86 is already the result of an association with Subaru, while its big sister GR Supra has been developed jointly with the third version of the BMW Z4 roadster.

A 100% virtual Peugeot propulsion coupé

One could also add that Akio Toyoda, the boss of Toyota, and Carlos Tavares, his counterpart at Stellantis, are among the rare captains of industry to practice motorsport regularly. But while the first contributed to the launch of a whole range of road sports cars from the Japanese manufacturer, like the GR Yaris, the second was much more reserved on the subject. He favored a much more pragmatic approach, focusing first on the most profitable models. It is therefore useless to dream too much: this 3086 has no chance of becoming reality. It would certainly have allowed Peugeot to reconnect with propulsion at the same time as with a long tradition of coupés, but the current context is clearly not favorable to such a sports car. Especially since the base of the GR86 is not designed to receive anything other than a combustion engine and cannot be adapted to the new GSR II regulations, which will make certain safety equipment compulsory on all new cars in July 2024. The European career of this Japanese sportswoman will therefore be stopped in less than two years.

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Peugeot 3086

This Peugeot 3086 adopts the rear lights typical of the lion brand but keeps the duck-tail spoiler of its Japanese matrix.