Leo’s secret calendar until 2025

The Sochaux feline has not finished roaring, with an avalanche of novelties scheduled over the next 4 years. Discover the program of festivities.

Futures Peugeot: the secret calendar of the Lion until 2025 – The phenomenal rise of the French manufacturer, which began in 2016, does not intend to crumble. By 2026, Peugeot will multiply the models for serenely ensure the electrification shiftthanks to the technological strike force of the Stellantis group to which it belongs.

The Peugeots expected by the end of 2022

After a first walkabout at the Paris Motor Show next October, the brand’s new raised sedan, called 408, will begin his commercial career. For the time being, only a high-end launch finish is available to order, around 50,000 €. It embeds a rechargeable hybridization of 225 hp.

The Peugeots expected in 2023

In the coming months, city ​​dwellers Peugeot 208 and 2008 will go through the box facelift. On this occasion, they will review their facies to adopt the new coat of arms of the manufacturer, inaugurated by the last 308. On the thermal engine side, they will improve their efficiency by adopting a 48V light hybridization when, from a 100% electric point of view, a more powerful block will appear. It could be identical to the one that the Peugeot e-308, at the same time, and whose power level amounts to 156 hp. The new compact promises up to 400 km rangea value that the e-208 has just equaled recently, and probably targeted by the future e-2008 thanks to a new chemistry of its battery.

Higher in the range, the 3008 and 5008 could benefit from a slight brushstroke to sport the brand’s new logo, on their grilles, while their gasoline units will also be hybridized to 48V. Mechanics that we will also find on board the 508 restyled, five years after its launch. This will be his last chance to recover his sales scores, unfortunately at half mast.

In terms of utilities, Scratches commeExpert and Traveler will treat themselves to a restyling. The smallest of the band should, on this occasion, reintroduce thermal mechanics, which disappeared at the end of 2021, thanks to the adaptation of a light hybridization.

The Peugeots expected in 2024

If the revival of 3008 and 5008 could occur at the very end of 2023their commercialization is not expected before 2024. The famous duo will have the honor of inaugurating the plate-forme eVMP, capable of carrying thermal, hybrid and 100% electric engines. Except that the 5008, available in 5 and 7 places, will be prohibited from any full conversion to electricity, because of its heavy weight. On the contrary, the 408 should completely pass the fingers in the socket to introduce an e-408 in its catalog. A mechanism renouncing fossil fuels which could serve as a technical basis for a possible e-408 PSE to beef up his game.

The Peugeots expected in 2025

It was not until the mid-1920s that Peugeot should finally resolve to propose a succession to his city car 108, newly retired. In order to ensure a more profitable return on investment, Peugeot should opt for an SUV silhouette, powered by a 100% electric block. The one we already name e-1008 would flirt with 4 meters long so as not to overshadow the e-2008 (4.30 m). In contrast to the range, le pick-up Landtrekwhich Peugeot still refuses to sell in our latitudes, will dust off its grille to harmonize it with the rest of the range.

The Peugeots expected in 2026

It will then be time for the current 208 to hand over to a brand new model that could definitely turn its back on thermal blocks, although her grandmother will probably continue her commercial career to ensure the ultimate sales of thermal blocks, in this inexpensive category. Lhe future e-208 will promise to reach at least 500 km WLTP, without a doubt.

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