How much the MG4 is shaking up the electric car market with its prices

For its connected compact, MG breaks the prices. The MG4 is thus much cheaper than its direct rivals… and than electric city cars.

For the MG4 Electric, MG this summer promised a base price under €30,000. We had in mind a very psychological €29,900. In the end, it’s even less, and therefore even more aggressive than we imagined: 28,990 € (all prices here are excluding bonuses).

This eye-catching price corresponds to the “Standard” version, with a 170 hp block and a 51 kWh LFP battery (gross capacity). This configuration announces a range of 350 km. For a better autonomy, of 450 km, it is necessary to take the Comfort version, equipped with a 64 kWh NMC battery and a 204 hp engine. The price rises there to 32,990 €.

Look no further, no 100% electric compact does better. The new star of the genre, the Megane electric, starts at €35,200! At this price, we have a 130 hp engine and a 40 kWh battery (usable capacity) which gives a range of 300 km. The 220 hp version with 60 kWh battery, which offers a range of 450 km, starts at €40,200!

A basic MG4, but not on the cheap

Admittedly, the Mégane pays more attention to its external appearance, with 18-inch rims from the base, when the least expensive MG4 has 16-inch wheels with hubcaps. But for the rest, the Chinese is very well endowed from its access finish. There is a 10.25-inch touch screen, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, auto air conditioning (it is manual on the Mégane) and hands-free access as standard.

Highlight: the most expensive of the MG4 remains more affordable than the least expensive of the Mégane, since the Luxury version (435 km of autonomy) is at 34,990 €. In addition to the large battery, there is standard 360° vision, heated front seats and steering wheel, heat pump, navigation or voice commands. The Renault again has a neat finish and a more techno presentation (10-inch instrumentation), but with similar equipment, the price difference remains significant.

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On the side of Volkswagen, we are even further from the prices of the MG4. Currently, theID.3 Pro Performance, with 170 hp engine and 58 kWh battery (usable), for a range of 424 km, is €44,990! The equipment is still generous. On the other hand, the interior presentation does not make a strong impression.

If we look at more generalist brands, we have the Citroën ë-C4. With it, it’s 136 hp, 50 kWh battery (gross) and range of 357 km. But the price already starts at 36,250 € in the basic Live finish, with the correct equipment (auto air conditioning, electric mirrors, rear parking assistance, Safety pack). The ‘old’ Nissan Leaf comes at a pretty hefty price tag with its 40kWh (gross) battery giving a range of just 270km. In Acenta, it costs 35,150 €. However, it has the advantage of being negotiated well with the seller.

The e-208 still 4,000 € more expensive

Not content to be much cheaper than other compacts, the MG4 is also compared to city cars. If we go back to Renault, we find a Zoe equillibe 110 ch with 395 km of autonomy at… 33.700 €. For 710 € less, we therefore have an MG4 Comfort, more welcoming for a small family, better equipped and offering 55 km of autonomy in addition. Even if it has just gone downmarket with its Like finish, the Peugeot e-208 Still starts at €33,000.

We therefore realize how much the MG4 can hurt the electric car market. Especially since it has another advantage up its sleeve: great possibilities for fast DC charging, with 117 kW on the basic version and 135 kW on the others!

To find cheaper, you have to go down a notch. And there we have small city cars that are not very roomy and have more limited autonomy. At Volkswagen, we find the e-Up at 25,400 €, for 260 km. The Renault Twingo now starts at €24,100, with 190km of range. For 5,000 € more, we therefore have the MG4… Some will point out that it is made in China. As is the Dacia Spring, which does not prevent its success!

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