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From September 1, 2022, parking for motorized two-wheelers will be chargeable in the streets of Paris. Auto-Moto guides you through the different possible rates.

With a little delay compared to the initial schedule, paid parking for motorized two-wheelers is launched in Paris on September 1, 2022. Bad news for owners of motorcycles and scooters, used to parking for free in the capital. As with cars, there are many rates depending on the parking zone, the type of subscription or even the motorization of the vehicle. To find your way around, Auto-Moto offers you a complete guide.

Today there are approximately 42,000 surface spaces dedicated to 2-wheel parking in Paris. Motorcycles and scooters can therefore park there, but also park in paid parking spaces reserved for cars (about 150,000 spaces on the surface) or in basements (see 2WD Pass below). On the other hand, it is forbidden to park on the sidewalks or spaces reserved for bicycles, under penalty of fine and impoundment.

When is parking paid?

As with cars, parking is paying in Paris from Monday to Saturday inclusive, from 9am to 8pm, even in August. Parking is free on Sundays and public holidays, as well as at night between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m.

What price for visitors?

The price for parking motorized two-wheelers varies according to the districts. It is split into 15 minute increments. Zone 1 concerns the “central” arrondissements, from the 1st to the 11th arrondissement, while zone 2 concerns the rest, from the 12th to the 20th arrondissement. The price for one hour of parking is €3 in zone 1, compared to €2 in zone 2. Payment is made via a parking meter in the street or via the various mobile applications (Parknow, PayByPhone, Flowbird, etc.).

What price for subscribers?

A resident subscription is offered by the Paris City Hall, as for private vehicles. It entitles you to reductions, subject to an annual subscription. Be careful though: combining a resident subscription for a car and for a motorized two-wheeler is not allowed. According to the municipality’s website, only one resident subscription is possible per user (same last name, first name, Parisian address, My Paris account).

The cost of the subscription for residents is €22.50 for one year, or €45 for three years. It is therefore twice as expensive as a car. The resident offer allows you to park near your home, in a perimeter of four zones around the home and up to 7 days in a row.

Once this subscription is activated, do not forget to pay daily or weekly parking via a parking meter in the street or via the various mobile applications (Parknow, PayByPhone, Flowbird, etc.). The prices are as follows:

  • €0.75 per day
  • €4.50 per week

What price for professionals?

The professionals are also entitled to preferential rates, to be requested directly on the Paris City Hall website by providing supporting documents. Several types of professional tariffs exist: sedentary, mobile, health professionals, etc.

Sedentary professional:

  • Employee of a company domiciled in Paris whose activity is mainly sedentary
  • Subscription of €22.50 per year for a motorized 2-wheeler, gives the right to a reduced rate of €0.75 per day by selecting the sedentary PRO tariff on the parking meter or the mobile application.
  • Attention: parking authorized for 24 consecutive hours, only in the mixed lanes of the 4 residential parking zones near his establishment.

Mobile professional:

  • for professionals with a mainly mobile activity, working in the capital and domiciled in Paris or in the neighboring departments (92, 93 and 94 initially, extended since October 1, 2021 to departments 77, 78, 91 and 95)
  • Subscription of €120 per year and per vehicle for a motorized 2-wheeler, gives the right to a reduced rate of €0.25 per day by selecting the PRO mobile tariff on the parking meter or the mobile application.
  • Please note: parking is authorized for 7 consecutive hours, in all paid surface spaces in Paris.
  • Number of parking rights authorized per company:
    • 1 to 10 employees: 3 rights
    • 11 to 20 employees: 4 rights
    • 21 to 30 employees: 5

What price for the PTW pass in underground parking?

The Paris City Hall also offers a subscription rate for those who prefer to park in an underground car park. Thus, the 2WD Pass allows you to park at a lower cost in a selection of underground car parks (68 car parks concerned on September 1), according to a chosen reference zone. This is identical to the places on the surface: zone 1 for the arrondissements from the 1st to the 11th, zone 2 for the arrondissements from the 12th to the 20th.

By paying a monthly (70 to 90 €), quarterly (199 to 256 €) or annual (770 to 990 €) subscription, owners of motorized two-wheelers can unlimited parking at no additional cost in the reference car park, chosen beforehand. There is no residency requirement for this subscription. Users also benefit from preferential rates on other parks in the 2WD Pass network, ranging from €0.80 to €1.20 per hour depending on the zone.

Are there any exceptions that make parking free?

Some categories of users are exempt from paid parking in Paris. It’s the case electric scooters and motorcycles, called “low emission”, who still have to take steps by registering on the municipality’s website and editing a “virtual ticket” on one of the mobile applications when parking to avoid the fine. The motorized two-wheelers of people with disabilities and those of health and home care professionals are also exempt from the parking fee.

What is the cost in case of non-payment?

In general, users must pay for their parking as soon as parking begins or in advance, for example by taking a ticket on Sunday for Monday morning. When payment for parking is not made, a “public domain occupancy charge” in the form of Post-Parking Package (FPS) must be paid. The amount of the FPS corresponds to the price of the visitor fee for 6 hours of parking, i.e. €37.50 in zone 1 and €25 in zone 2 and in the woods for a PTW.

Photo: Clement Dorval / City of Paris

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