How much does an electric car without a license cost in 2022?

Due to the exponential increase in electric vehicles in the French and global car fleet, the electric car without a license surfaced a few years ago. Much cheaper than a classic or electric car, its price is often quite unclear. It is for this reason that we will shed light on the question of the cost of such a car model.

Electric cars without a license have experienced a real boom following the release of the Citroen Ami in 2020, which has become the real spearhead of this vehicle model. However, although this cart recorded record sales in 2021, electric cars without a license in general are not very well known, and there is relatively little information on the subject. So we decided to explain all to you on prices applied to electric cars without a licence.

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What are the criteria that influence the price of an electric car?

It is a reality for all, electric cars cost 40 to 60% more to buy than thermal vehicles. But why ? Specifically, electric cars are more expensive for these reasons :

What is the average price of an electric car without a license?

Manufacturers wanting to offer electric cars without a license have had to face a real headache. On the one hand it was necessary to offer vehicles to the very affordable price since without license et on another side we had to face the cost what represented an electric vehicle.

The cost of a car without a thermal permit is generally between €8,000 and €20,000 (yes, yes!). If, with equal functions, an electric car without a license is more expensive by around €3,000 than its thermal counterpart, there are many electric models among the cheapest carts on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that the concessions are very numerous in cars without electric licenseto provide a aggressive pricing.

Electric car without license City Fun

It should also be noted that the French State has set up a ecological bonus of 900€ dedicated exclusively topurchase of a new electric car without a license (or rental for at least two years), which slightly softens the final note.

Since the number of electric car models without a license is rather low, we can’t really establish an average price. Instead, we’ve decided to show you the price range of a selection of license-free electric cars (bonus deducted):

  • Citroën Ami : from €6,890 to €8,290
  • Renault Twizy : from €10,700 to €12,777
  • Jiayuan City Fun : from €8,090 to €13,340
  • Tazzari Zero Junior : from €14,990 to €22,000
  • Aixam e-city : from €15,799 to €21,804

Ultimately, an electric car without a license can cost between €7,000 and €22,000, but then you will have a big difference in comfort, quality and options. So count more or less €13,000 for the purchase of an electric vehicle without a licence. However, it should be noted that these vehicles, like any vehicle, has a reload costwhich we will count below.

What makes the price vary from one car without a license to another?

The cars without license, whether electric or thermal, are made to appeal to a specific audience. The purpose of a car without a license being to be able to move around without having to pass the license, this type of vehicle is therefore made mainly for young and old people. It is well known that these people do not necessarily have a lot of money. Even if it means driving a 2-seater vehicle (or even just one!) limited to 45 km/h, as much as it is cheaper.

It is therefore for this reason that manufacturers have tried to create inexpensive models, while keeping a standard profit margin. To succeed in this operation, they therefore had to reduce costs in all sectorsto know :

Electric car without license Renault Twizy
The Renault Twizy with doors

How much does it cost to charge an electric car without a licence?

The reload cost of an electric car without a license is the same as that of a simple electric car, however there are some differences concerning the recharging capacity. Indeed, electric cars without a license will not be able to use the terminals placed on the motorway service areas because of their limited speed, but can be recharged more easily at home, by certain functionalities implemented such as the ability to charge from an AC outlet for example.

The Catalan manufacturer Silence has even innovated by placing portable batteries in his first electric car without a licence. As a result, the user can take it out of his car in the form of a trolley and recharge it at work or at home in a very simple way.

Electric car charging without a license

To compare to a car without a thermal permit, the process is simple. Cars without thermal permits have a consumption of around 3.6L/100km. With a price of €1.90/litre (petrol or diesel in July 2022), 100km would cost €6.84. The Citroën Ami, for example, consumes 10kWh/100km. Given that the kWh costs €0.174 (still in July 2022), the Citroën Ami therefore runs for €1.74 per 100kmi.e. close to 4x cheaper than a car without thermal license.

Frequently asked Questions on electric cars without a license

What is the best value for money electric car without a license?

The question does not arise for the moment, given that it is the key argument of the Citroën Ami and that the sales figures of this model prove the effectiveness of the model. However, the Silence S04 is coming soon on the market and could overshadow the chevron brand cart thanks to many features that the Ami does not have.

What is the autonomy of an electric car without a license?

It all depends on the model of car you choose, however do not expect to compete with the autonomy of a classic car without a license. Here, the autonomy will vary between 75 kilometers and 200 kilometers.

What are the limits for unlicensed cars?

Don’t expect to drive a car without needing a license. Obviously, cars without a license are restricted in many areas. First, the car should not not exceed 425 kg empty. Second, she cannot not go faster than 45 km/h. Thirdly, the motor must not exceed 6kW. Fourth, the number of places is limited to 2. Fifthly and finally, the dimensions must not exceed 3m x 1.5m x 2.5m.