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It may have more than eight years on the clock, the Renault Twingo is still not doing too badly with private buyers. And the electric version is becoming more and more successful.

Launched in 2014, restyled in 2019, the current and third generation of Renault Twingo is no longer very young. So certainly, since the range has been reduced to its simplest expression (a single gasoline version of only 65 hp and an E-Tech zero emission variant of 80 hp), it has lost some ground on the French market. Over the first 6 months of the year, its overall sales fell by 38.2% (that’s a lot!) and it was relegated to 13th place in the general ranking (4 less than over the same period in 2021 ), all channels and all engines combined. Nevertheless, it remains popular with private buyers and the 100% electric version is a hit commercially.

Nearly 80% of buyers are individuals

Of the 12,329 Twingos sold from January to June, 9,830 were delivered to individuals. This is far from negligible because it represents almost 4 out of 5 buyers. in a market for individuals down 9.8% since the start of the year, the city car in the Diamond is doing better since its registrations have only fallen by 1.4%.

Top 10 best-selling models to individuals in France in 2022

Model Number of copies sold from January to June 2022 Evolution
ModelDacia Sandero Number of copies sold from January to June 202227 072 Evolution– 26,5 %
ModelPeugeot 208 Number of copies sold from January to June 202217 736 Evolution– 13,6 %
ModelRenault Clio Number of copies sold from January to June 202216 358 Evolution + 32,1 %
ModelRenault Captur Number of copies sold from January to June 202214 393 Evolution+ 5,6 %
ModelDacia Duster Number of copies sold from January to June 202211 933 Evolution + 9,8 %
ModelRenault Twingo Number of copies sold from January to June 20229 830 Evolution– 1,4 %
ModelPeugeot 2008 Number of copies sold from January to June 20229 365 Evolution– 41,2 %
ModelCitroën C3 Number of copies sold from January to June 20228 362 Evolution– 19,6 %
ModelFord Puma Number of copies sold from January to June 20228 330 Evolution+ 56,8 %
ModelToyota Yaris Cross Number of copies sold from January to June 20228 012 Evolution

Still the queen of mini-city cars

And it remains by far the most popular model in its class… a segment in which the offer is certainly scarce. If the Fiat 500 (thermal and electric versions combined) is progressing more (+ 56.7%, 7,262 copies sold), it is only the 13th vehicle most appreciated by private individuals in France, when the Twingo takes a very good 6th place. As for the Volkswagen Up! or the duo of cousins ​​Kia Picanto-Hyundai i10, they are all well behind: the German is only 93rd (+5.3%), the first Korean 50th (-31.1%) and the i10 73rd ( -0.8%). The only small disappointment all the same, including sales to companies, the pot of Italian yogurt passes the French in the general classification: 2 places (11th) and 2,432 copies more.

A Twingo E-Tech in great shape

A final word on the electric version, it alone represents more than 63% of sales of the Twingo, all channels combined. In addition, it is on an eminently positive momentum: + 75.9%. 6th most sold electric vehicle over the first 6 months of 2022, it is hot on the heels of the very popular Tesla Model 3 and could well eventually overtake its big sister the Zoé, which is down 24.7% and is only 300 copies left. in advance (8,125 units for the latter). If the electric Twingo is not the most efficient electric in terms of autonomy, it seems to have found real legitimacy with many buyers. And, after all, nothing makes more sense for an electric car than a mini-city car.

Top 10 most popular electric cars since the start of 2022

Model Number of copies sold Evolution
ModelPeugeot e-208 Number of copies sold9 712 Evolution+ 6,3 %
ModelDacia Spring Number of copies sold9 203 Evolution+ 691,3 %
ModelFiat 500 electric Number of copies sold8 922 Evolution+ 83,5 %
ModelRenault Zoe Number of copies sold8 125 Evolution– 24,7 %
ModelTesla Model 3 Number of copies sold7 804 Evolution– 40,4 %
ModelRenault Twingo Number of copies sold7 783 Evolution+ 75,9 %
ModelTesla Model Y Number of copies sold3 936 Evolution
ModelPeugeot e-2008 Number of copies sold3 136 Evolution+ 13,2 %
ModelHyundai Kona Electric Number of copies sold3 056 Evolution+ 22,8 %
ModelRenault Mégane E-Tech 100% Electric Number of copies sold2 799 Evolution
Published on 17/07/2022 Updated 17/07/2022