future European leader in the charging market?

Allego has set itself the task of dealing with a problem that has become recurrent for more and more electromobilists: having the possibility of recharging an electric vehicle (EV) where and when it is needed. The company therefore aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility in Europe by providing the infrastructure that will make charging electric vehicles faster, easier and more convenient.

Situation in Europe

A number of European countries are aiming for a greener future in which cars and trucks with internal combustion engines are gradually replaced by electric vehicles (EVs).

Armed with this information and driven by the world’s most aggressive legislation to reduce vehicle emissions, the European Union is well on its way to decarbonizing the transport sector.

Whether a person is on the road for work, play, medical treatment, grocery shopping, or dealing with an emergency scenario, having the ability to charge an electric vehicle (EV) when and where they need it need is essential to make this vision a reality.

Allego: presentation, objectives and means

Photo of an Allego charging station
Allego recharge terminal

A pioneer in the electric vehicle charging sector in Europe, the Dutch company Allego was founded in 2013. The company is undergoing a significant expansion of its network of electric vehicle charging points on the continent and, as a result, it is strives to keep pace with rapid growth while maintaining a reliable infrastructure.

To help with this task, Allego uses the most advanced tools and technologies currently available. Thus, it recently made the decision to migrate to Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server, in order to take advantage of the most recent offer of database as a service (DBaaS) proposed by Azure.

The goal was to ensure that the company’s core services would be able to meet future data needs.

Provide the infrastructure for a growing market

The organization is currently responsible for servicing nearly 31,000 charging outlets, which include both conventional AC chargers and state-of-the-art high-power chargers, capable of ultra-fast charging an electric vehicle in minutes. .

Allego’s meteoric expansion is a direct result of increased demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and the charging infrastructure that supports them, which led to the company’s IPO at the New York Stock Exchange in 2022.

The charging stations provided by Allego are, in essence, massive and complex Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are connected to the EV Cloud platform. The platform is responsible for managing these devices and provides support for a wide variety of components that together help deliver industry-leading EV customer services.

Allego has seen a comparable increase in demand for its charging services, along with a corresponding increase in the need to execute corresponding transactions, as the electric vehicle market in Europe continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Problem encountered

Selon Alexis Galley, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) d’Allego, « we have seen a growth rate of 40-50% per year. Therefore, the number of transactions we have to process doubles every two years.. »

The customer, in this case the driver of an electric vehicle, is always at the center of Allego’s concerns, which strives to provide a hassle-free charging experience. However, over the past few years, Allego’s IT team has identified two possible issues with its database architecture that could impede the company’s future growth.


The problem was that PostgreSQL version 9.6, originally used when setting up its infrastructure, was about to reach end of support, sometimes referred to as EOL. Allego’s PostgreSQL 9.6 instances couldn’t meet his needs if the company didn’t receive ongoing maintenance.

To be more concise, Olivier Fourel, head of the EV platform at Allego, describes the situation as “ a race against time and the EOL deadline« .

Solution provided

Allego has launched a project to replace all of its PostgreSQL 9.6 instances, starting in early 2020. So well before the release’s announced end of life in November 2021. The hands of the clock have started ticking fast, allowing the company to achieve its objectives more quickly.

To be continued then.

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