France Pare-Brise: repairing your windshield has never been easier!

France Pare-Brise will celebrate its 30th anniversary! The glass breaking specialist explains the secrets of its longevity and the evolution of the market. We met Pierre Yves Desjeux, Managing Director of France Pare-Brise.

Can you introduce us to France Pare-Brise?

France Windscreen was born in 1993. Our core business is breaking glass: for 30 years, we have been providing solutions and services to professionals and individuals to repair or replace windshields, side windows, but also panoramic roofs. Our mission is to make life easier for our customers by being a recognized glass breaking expert while offering innovative services.

In addition, our network is made up of independent entrepreneurs who are rooted in the local economic fabric. Innovation, expertise and proximity are the pillars that have supported us for 30 years.

We have been part of the Saint-Gobain Group since 2016. We thus benefit from the solidity and know-how of a company that has been rooted in French life for three centuries and is more than recognized in our sector of activity. In fact, 65% of the glass we use comes directly from Sécurity Service, Saint-Gobain’s aftermarket brand.

France Pare-Brise will open its 500th center in Dijon in September 2022. Today, France Pare-Brise is more than 400,000 interventions per year, which represents between 18 and 20% of the French market.

France Pare-Brise is committed to guaranteeing the mobility of its customers?

Absolutely ! It is even our trademark. For us, a customer should not suffer the consequences of an immobilized vehicle. We also offer three solutions to guarantee the mobility of our customers. The first is our fleet of 1,200 courtesy vehicles that we graciously lend to our customers so that they can travel during the repair of their vehicle.

The second solution is home installation. Our teams intervene at the customer’s home when the repair does not require a visit to our workshops. Today, recent cars are equipped with cameras that must be recalibrated when a technician changes the windshield. This calibration requires state-of-the-art technology and precise conditions to be carried out. It is for this reason that France Pare-Brise offers a conveying solution: employees leave a loaner car with the customer so that he can go about his business while we repair and recalibrate the system in the optimal conditions of our centers.

Do you also offer an online agenda to make appointments?

Always in our policy to offer a tailor-made service to our customers, we have set up an online service which facilitates appointment booking: our online diary is a tool that allows you to reserve, in real time, a slot in one of our centers while selecting the desired services such as the loan of a vehicle or our delivery solution. This application makes it possible to respond to the urgency of our customers while providing them with the flexibility and responsiveness they need. We have designed it to be accessible to everyone: just enter the vehicle registration, select the type of repair and its location, choose a center and the available slots will be displayed automatically. In less than two minutes, he will have obtained his appointment, tailor-made whether at home, on delivery or in a center.

What are France Pare-Brise’s commitments?

Our most important commitment is of course on the recalibration of the cameras of the ADAS system. It must be understood that the recalibration affects the safety of motorists. A poorly recalibrated camera can lead to accidents. If France Pare-Brise works with the largest insurance companies in France, it is also because we are committed to returning vehicles with the original manufacturer calibration. Our “parts and labor” warranty is two years. In addition, to always remain at the forefront of new technologies, we have opened our own training center so that France Pare-Brise customers always benefit from the best advice from our teams trained to work with and on the latest technologies.

What are the challenges in your sector?

They are numerous because we are closely linked to developments in the automotive world. I am obviously thinking of the end of internal combustion vehicles in 2035 or the creation of ZFE zones (Low Emission Zones) without forgetting technological progress.

The ZFEs will impact our customers, but also our network, which already offers electric courtesy vehicles, but also charging stations. We must also rethink our fleet of intervention vehicles, which must also adapt in order to be able to continue to intervene in the homes of our customers. To do this, we are working closely with the start-up Phoenix Mobility, which has developed a revolutionary solution that allows thermal utility vehicles to be transformed into electric vehicles for a much lower cost than buying a new green vehicle.

Mastering technology is a constant for us: vehicles will be increasingly connected and will require an increase in the skills of our teams. This is why, for 30 years, we have been focusing on training!