For three days of car rental, she receives a bill of €7,000 – Edition du soir Ouest-France

In Canada, the car rental company Avis charged €6,900 to a customer who rented a vehicle for three days in August. The reason ? The user had allegedly driven 36,000 kilometers in that time! A huge distance, impossible to cover in a few days…

“Can you drive 36,482 kilometers in three days? Avis think so. » With these words published on the social network Twitter, the Canadian Giovanna Boniface recounts the misadventure that happened to her in mid-August. This occupational therapist rented a car, which she drove for three days. She says that she has traveled about 300 kilometers with this vehicle. Problem: the invoice sent to him by the renter Avis shows more than 36,000 kilometers, reports the Canadian television channel CTV News TorontoFriday, August 26, 2022. And Giovanna Boniface was asked for an amount proportional to this huge mileage: 9,100 Canadian dollars, or more than €6,900!

“They didn’t seem to understand what the problem was”

Giovanna Boniface’s misadventure starts on Saturday August 13, 2022. That day, she boards a plane in Vancouver, on the west coast of the country, where she lives. Direction Toronto, where she comes to help her daughter to settle down, she who is moving here for her studies. Once there, she rents a car from the Avis agency at the airport. A massive SUV, a GMC Yukon Denali.

So she uses it for three days, to get from the airport to downtown, and also to the city of Kitchener, about a hundred kilometers and an hour’s drive away, where her mother-in-law lives.

On Tuesday, August 16, she returns to the airport, returns the car, and prepares to take a new plane. This time to Paris. But in the queue, before boarding, she looks on the internet, her credit card statements. “That’s when I noticed this $8,000 overcharge [plus de 6 100 €] from Avis, she tells CTV News Toronto.

Giovanna Boniface first tries to call the agency where she rented the car. No answer. Then she calls Avis customer service. There too, it is complicated. “They didn’t seem to really understand what the problem was,” she said again. Communication is cut twice, and then she finally has to board.

As if she had crossed all of Europe and Russia

Once in Paris, she fails to have the transaction canceled. But she contacts the media. And from Friday, August 19, the North Shore News , a Vancouver newspaper, publishes an article devoted to the misadventure of Giovanna Boniface. The journalists called on the company Avis… Which then ended up calling the client back, apologizing and indicating that the 8,000 Canadian dollars would be refunded to her.

Giovanna Boniface also published, on Twitter, the details of the very salty bill. We see in particular that Avis counted 36,482 kilometers traveled, billed at 25 cents of Canadian dollars per kilometer. This therefore corresponds to a little over 8,079.00 dollars, a sum to which must be added the approximately 1,020 dollars (782 €) that she had “prepaid” at the time of the rental.

Avis did not specify to the Canadian media the cause of this huge mileage error, which is nevertheless obvious since it represents 2.5 times the distance between Lisbon (Portugal) and Vladivostok, in the Russian Far East! Impossible to swallow so much road in only three days… Giovanna Boniface, she says above all that she regrets not having been able to resolve the problem with Avis customer service. And evokes the stress that his misadventure caused him during his trip to Paris.