Facilitate your auto procedures with auto-portal

Auto-portail was born from the intention of helping French motorists in their daily lives. Focus on this new invention

Auto-portal helps you in your process of buying or selling a vehicle

Many motorists fear being tricked, whether when selling or buying their vehicle. With a platform like auto-portail.com, make sure you are performing a transaction within the rules. As a seller, this new portal dedicated to motorists provides you with a tool to determine the average price of your vehicle. The search is based on recently posted identical ads. To benefit from this service, all you have to do is fill in your registration number so that auto-portal can collect the information concerning the model of the car. The platform can also accompany you once the sale has been concluded. Also take advantage of the service to check the cashier’s check of the future buyer. This is an essential formality to avoid being scammed.

Want to buy? Auto-portal ensures that you get a vehicle in good standing. To do this, provide some information about the gray card and the site will take care of telling you the administrative situation of the car. The validity of the technical control and the absence of pledge are the main information to know. The platform allows you to make 10 requests per month for the sale of your vehicle and to carry out 2 check checks. These services include a non-binding subscription of €29.99. To test the service, opt for the 48-hour trial offer at €0.99.

Self-portal to facilitate administrative procedures

Do you need to renew your driver’s license? Note that the site is able to take the necessary steps to obtain a new copy. To do this, fill out the form available on the platform. This service is included in the subscription at no additional cost, except for those required by the administration (tax stamp).

Need to provide a non-pledge certificate? Entrust the process to auto-portail and receive your document as soon as possible. Note that the service allowing you to book your technical control will soon be operational. With the new regulations, the vignette Crit’air is now mandatory for driving in certain cities, i.e. low emission mobility zones. The purpose of this anti-pollution sticker is to classify vehicles according to the rate of CO2 released. With auto-portal, benefit from 5 vignettes per year thanks to your subscription and by simply visiting the site.

Auto-portal helps you manage your expenses

If you frequently use the motorway for your travels, opt for the self-portal services in order to benefit from reductions on your electronic toll badge. Indeed, the site offers you free 9 months of fees, included in your subscription. In addition, the platform provides its subscribers with a search engine allowing them to find out the price of fuel offered by the stations. Find the cheapest near you and save on your fuel costs. In addition, the platform can put you in contact with an advisor who will answer all your questions related to the automotive sector.

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