Electric truck: how Volta Trucks hopes to win

Carl-Magnus Norden never claimed to have had the first idea of ​​adapting electric propulsion to the city delivery truck. How could he? Established manufacturers – whether European or Asian – all offer at least one electric van or carrier for supplying shops and delivering food in the city center. These trucks, on the other hand, are all shaped according to the ancestral pattern which throws the driver against the door, too far from the sidewalk and too high to correctly perceive pedestrians and cyclists.

Blind spots, a fear of the truck driver and the cyclist in the city

This is where Carl-Magnus Norden’s approach to the truck stands out. This Swedish entrepreneur (who went through finance and real estate before coming to the automobile) was actually the first to want to take advantage of the compactness of the electric motor to bring it against the rear axle and lower the cabin floor. Enough to bring the driver’s seat back to center, and his look at the height of that of other usersfor a better coexistence.

Volta Trucks seeks to promote the profession of driver with an electric truck that is more ergonomic, less tiring to drive and less dangerous for cyclists.  Freed from the cumbersome engine, the cabin is lower.  Not only that, but the driver is centrally installed.  Credit: Image © Volta Trucks“We didn’t just want to produce a zero-emission truck to help fight the greenhouse effect — a global issue — or reduce particulate, nitrogen oxide and noise emissions — two local issues,” pleads Carl-Magnus Norden came to the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry, south-west of Paris, to give the press a try-out of his trucks which have reached an advanced stage of development. “Our approach is broader: it takes into account the increase in the number of cyclists and their difficult cohabitation with truck drivers who do not see them.”

His solution? Install the driver as low as in a bus and surround him with three large liquid crystal screens, broadcasting the images of nine cameras pointed so as to eradicate any blind spot in a properly exceptional field of vision.

Volta Trucks seeks to promote the profession of delivery driver

Companies are increasingly incentivized to prefer the safest trucks. On a European scale, nearly 78% of accidents that cost the life of a cyclist involve a truck. This is why, in France, trucks over 3.5 tonnes must display since January 1, 2021 placards materializing the position of blind spots (new article R.313-32-1 of the Highway Code).