Electric car: Recharging remains complicated, at opaque prices

There are magic words synonymous with political correctness. The word “electric car” is one of those. Touted as a panacea by politicians, journalists, bosses who drive with a driver in charge of recharging and all those, well-off, for whom it is the… second or third car in the household, the However, the electric stubbornly stumbles over the same major pitfall: it has to be recharged. And there, things get complicated! “Most vehicle buyers electric private individuals live in a pavilion”, admits Pierre Clasquin, in charge of electric vehicles at Total Energies.

“These are people who have the means and are multi-motorized,” added Marc Mortrureux, general manager of the Automotive Platform, during a round table on charging stations, Wednesday March 23. “For those who live in collective residences, it is more complicated. Only 1 to 2% of the collective housing stock is equipped today with charging stations”, specifies Pierre Clasquin. Certainly, “in a few weeks, a decree will allow condominiums to pre-finance the equipment”. But this is only the beginning. It will be necessary to equip 182,000 condominiums offering at least ten parking spaces!

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