Cupra Born in long-term rental at 349 euros per month, good or bad deal?

The Cupra Born is the technical cousin of the Volkswagen ID.3. It shares the same platform, the same batteries and the same engines, except that the design is radically different, even if the silhouette slightly echoes the German. The Spanish compact takes advantage of its young age to correct the few faults of the ID.3.

Cupra Born
Cupra Born

Halfway between a compact, a sedan and an SUV, the Cupra Bornlike its technical cousin, the Volkswagen ID.3, plays almost on all fronts. As for the ID.3, its main rival is obviously the Tesla Model 3but the Cupra Born, even if it shares many technical elements with its German cousin, has more assets in our eyes to compete with the American.

Better finished inside, less divisive aesthetically speaking… The Cupra Born prefers to play the dynamism card and intends to steal some valuable market share in the compact electric segment. On the Cupra website, the Born is displayed at attractive rents, since the cheapest offer starts from 349 euros per month.

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What is the Cupra Born model offered at 349 euros per month?

As with almost all “from” financing offers, this is the basic model. At Cupra, it is the “V” trim level that takes on this role. It is not a real level of finish in reality, but rather a version, namely that of 204 hp. The version just above called “VZ” develops 230 hp.

As you can see from the list of main equipment below, the basic Cupra Born is quite well equipped. The simplification of the ranges within the Volkswagen group due to certain shortages has been good, except at the price level, but we will come back to this below.

  • Automatic distance control and cruise control
  • High beam assistant
  • Front Assist with pedestrian and cyclist detection
  • Lane keeping assistant
  • Fatigue detection
  • Keyless, hands-free entry and starting
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Rear View Camera
  • Comfort telephony with LTE and wireless charging
  • Multifunction heated steering wheel
  • Aluminum crankset
  • Power-folding, heated mirrors
  • Rain and light sensor
  • Climate
  • Full LED headlights with welcome ceremony
  • Exterior mirror housing painted
  • LED rear light
  • Welcome lighting with projection of the Cupra logo on the floor
  • Ambient exterior lighting, decorative light(s) on the sides
  • 5.3″ Digital Cockpit and 12″ Touchscreen
  • Standard navigation device with media and internet package
  • Full Link sans fil
  • 2 USB-C ports front and back
  • 5 HP audio system
  • Voice command
  • Mode 3- 32A charging cable for charging station (type 2, three-phase current, 22 kW)

Honestly, there really isn’t much missing among the must-haves for a modern electric car. Among the equipment that is not standard, there is the head-up display, the controlled damping or the panoramic sunroof, but nothing really prohibitive, apart perhaps from the heat pump.

Selecting an option unfortunately takes you out of the financing offer. In terms of colors, it will be the free “Grey Mist” option, quite plain with 18-inch rims. The car already presents rather well for an entry-level model.

All Cupra Born V are equipped with an electrical block of 204 horsepower. The battery has a capacity of 58 kWh and makes it possible to carry out 421 kilometers according and cycle WLTP. In town, Cupra announces a range of 566 km.

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What are the conditions to be eligible for the Cupra Born LLD offer?

It’s about a long term rental offer on 37 months and 30,000 kilometers per year. The site indicates that the offer at 349 euros per month is subject to a contribution of 4,500 euros. The contribution is 10,500 euros at the base, but it is absorbed by the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros.

Good point, the offer is not subject to the conversion premium which obliges to scrap an old diesel or gasoline model, and in addition to satisfying a tax threshold of reference.

How much will the Cupra Born LLD offer cost you?

Over three years of long-term rental, your Cupra Born will cost you 17 064  euros. Cupra displays its car from 43,800 euros on its site, ecological bonus of 6,000 euros not deducted. The brand also specifies that a commercial discount of 1,000 euros is directly applied. This gives us, once the deductions have been made, a model displayed at the list price at 36 800 euros.

Starting from this price, you will pay over the three years of rental 46.3% of the price of your car. This is more than the discount over three years for this type of car, especially since the demand for electricity continues to increase. The offer not being AVAILABLE but an LLD, there is no option to redeem the vehicle. It will therefore be necessary to return the car at the end of the financing.

Also pay attention to the costs of restoration which can be expensive at the time of return. We advise you to do it before at a bodybuilder, it will cost you less than at your dealer in general. If you take a vehicle back to your dealer after your LLD, he will also be a little less careful about the costs of repairs.

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What are the advantages of Cupra Born’s LLD offer?

Once is not custom for a model of the Volkswagen group, the finishes and the versions are not very numerous. Hence, this immediately gives us a very well equipped car and in a very correct configuration. At the same time, given that Cupra identifies itself as an “access premium” manufacturer, the base car should not be under-equipped.

The amount of rent is rather contained for a car of this type, which can perfectly register as the first car in the household. Aesthetically, it stands out from the competition and the interior is much neater than a Volkswagen ID.3. And good news also, the offer is not conditional on this almost impossible conversion bonus to satisfy as the criteria are numerous.

What are the disadvantages of the Cupra Born LLD offer?

Compared to the models that we present to you, the Cupra Born has one of the highest access prices, even if it is partly justified. In contrast, the price could have been lowerbelow the threshold of 320 euros per month in particular, since by putting end to end all the monthly payments at the end of the financing in addition to the contribution, you have still paid almost 50% of the price of a car that will not belong to youand only over three years of funding.

Overall, the residual value could have been higher to pull the monthly payments down, especially since this product, even in three years, at the end of the financing, should still sell well second-hand with the advent of the ‘electric. The mileage is, as usual with this kind of offer, quite low for a daily car. Everything will depend on your use.

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