Citroen Ami. The most original electric quadricycle liveries

Citroën, its distributors or its customers sometimes go well beyond the customization offer in the catalog to give the Ami a unique look. Racing liveries, works of art and even unexpected materials appear on its bodywork.



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The Citroën Ami is the subject of sometimes unusual customizations.

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Citroën continues to increase the customization possibilities for its electric quadricycle Ami, these essentially relying on adhesive films. The manufacturer offers certain designs, but it also allows customers to have their own creations printed and pasted on areas of the bodywork, however clearly defined. Some owners, and even distributors of the brand, however, go further and compete in imagination to create ever more original complete liveries.

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Citroën Ami Paris districts

Twenty Citroën Ami, twenty liveries, for as many arrondissements in Paris.


The Friend, local color

Citroënto begin with, regularly presents the Friend in unique outfits to accompany events or the launch of the vehicle in new markets. From the summer of 2020, the manufacturer had thus presented twenty copies in Paris, all sporting a different decor like so many districts of the capital. In September 2021, taking advantage of the Festivaletteratura event in Mantua, Italy, to launch the Friend in car-sharing, Citroën unveiled a copy in the colors of the said festival. In June 2022, it was at the Italian Milan Design Week that five examples inspired by different aesthetic currents were exhibited. Very recently, the Turkish branch of Citroën celebrated the arrival of the small car on its market with a model sporting a design of the Bosphorus Strait.

Several unexpected outfits also match the recipients of these vehicles. Thus the police of the Greek island of Chakti received two models in its colors, while the French brand Darty took possession of an Ami in historic blue and yellow livery.

The rally-style Citroën Ami

Last November, the Citroën Bejuis Auto distributor in Salagnon, in Isère, presented an Ami in the colors of the brand rally cars. Red bodywork, white Speedline rims and black spoiler roof characterize it. We also remember the two exhaust outlets, obviously dummy.

Et competition seems to be a great source of inspiration for Citroën Ami owners, if we rely on other copies in the colors of Citroën racing, photos of which have been published on social networks.

When the Friend sees all the colors

The atypical look of the Ami by making it a promotional medium of choice, some companies transform it to advertise, such as the buggy of the Turkish company 4 x 4 rescue Team much more muscular than the limited series marketed by Citroën, or the Friend of the also Turkish bank Garanti BBVA who wanted to “green” its image by covering a quadricycle with vegetable moss.

The imaginary friend

Obviously, without the constraints of manufacturing, the imagination of designers and illustrators has no limits, and some are having a field day creating virtually very sporty Citroën Amis or using liveries that have become famous in very different contexts, from F1 to the Tour de France. The little Citroën has not finished surprising us.

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Citroën Ami ERC

In 2021, the April Fool’s Day of the ERC championship was the announcement of a new category with a racing Ami as its star vehicle.