an adventurous and comfortable motorhome

At the Düsseldorf Motor Show, Hymer unveils the Hymer Venture S, an all-terrain motorhome prefigured by the Vision Venture concept of 2019.

In 2019, Hymer presented a motorhome concept dubbed Vision Venture, which gave a glimpse of the future of its recreational vehicles. Three years later, the German manufacturer launched the Hymer Venture Swhich is currently on display at the Düsseldorf Motor Show, which runs from August 27 to September 4, 2022.

Based on a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 with a 190 horsepower engine, this compact profile is halfway between a van and a motorhome, extending over 6.46 meters long and 2.16 meters wide.

Hymer Venture S: adventurer style

The model is distinguished by a adventurer look assertive, with generous ground clearance, numerous prominent plastic protections, as well as metallic colors (blue or grey) contrasting with honeycomb patterns at the rear.

The interior offers remarkable comfort and high-end serviceswith quality materials and very appreciable attentions, like this space dedicated to telework consisting of the pivoting passenger cabin seat, as well as a retractable table hidden in a cupboard, near the side door. On board, there are no less than 6 230 V sockets and 8 USB sockets, enough to power all its devices.

Hymer Venture S: a panoramic living room

At the back, we find a large living room composed of two seats facing each other, as well as a retractable table, which can be stored under the seat: this space can be transformed into a real cinema, thanks to a video projector integrated into the ceiling. The tailgate at the rear opens in two parts, in order to release a panoramic view to take advantage of the stages.

The fully equipped kitchen is accompanied by storage cupboards which fit under the stairs giving access to the first floor: here, the pop-up roof retracts in less than three minutes, thanks to inflatable walls: there is a large bedroom, housing a bed for two people. The roof also has three solar panels of 115 watts, allowing it to recharge its 320 Ah lithium batteries, for a 10 day battery life.

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Hymer Venture S: clever layout

On the bathroom side, the Hymer Venture S features a clever system of mobile walls allowing to enlarge the space, and to partition the shower and the space comprising the sink, the ceramic toilets, as well as the storage.

Even if according to Hymer, the Venture S is aimed at a younger clientele who love outdoor recreation, the model has a cost: it is already available to order. from 225,000 euro (for the German market), excluding options! With a GVW of over 3.8 tonnes, it also requires the heavy goods vehicle license to be able to drive it.