all future models until 2027

Alfa Romeo will finally emerge from its torpor, under the impetus of Stellantis, with no less than one model launched each year for the next five years.

Alfa Romeo: all future models until 2027 – On borrowed time, since he fell into the hands of the Stellantis group in early 2020, Clover gives itself a decade to straighten the bar and secure its future. The industrial power of the behemoth, born of the merger between PSA and FCA, will allow it to access an organ bank that lives up to its ambitionsthanks to new-generation 100% electric premium platforms developing up to 900 hp and proving capable of covering 800 km.


For the time being, Alfa Romeo is continuing its development using the only lever inherited from the Fiat-Chrysler group by launching, at the end of the year: the Tonale. It is a compact SUV based on the platform of the Jeep Compass and of which it appropriates the rechargeable hybridization. Reviewed and corrected, his block accumulates 275 hp at the top of the range, before a hypothetical variant, Quadrifoglio, is introduced in a few years to beef up the playing of the Tonale. But nothing is less certain.


Next year it will be finally time for the Alfa Giulia/Stelvio duo to go through the restyling box, six years after their launch. But the changes will be minor, on the aesthetic level, our two protagonists contenting themselves with reviewing their light signatures, as well as the air intakes of their shields, a priori. For now, we do not know if their interiors will be retouched, but we hope for a major update of their multimedia content which should see the arrival ofa digital panel in front of the driver. Under the hood, it is rumored that several levels of hybridization (48V and rechargeable) would be expected to accompany the sedan and the SUV until their respective replacements, scheduled for 2025 and 2026.

The more exciting will be theintroduction of a supercar within the Biscione range. Jean-Philippe Imparato, who took the helm of the brand last year, confirmed this to our British colleagues fromAutocar, during an interview. Inspired by the iconic 1967 Alfa T33 Stradale, from a plastic point of view, no information has leaked as to its technical characteristics. But the logic of the group would like it to resume to Maserati MC20 platformsas well as its V6 developing more than 600 hp.


In two years, a model with high volume potential will appear. Still an SUV, will estimate the sorrowful spirits, since it will be a question ofa 100% electric urban SUV based on the underbody of the Peugeot e-2008. As the batteries progress, the Baby Alfa Romeo could approach the 500 km rangeas promised by Stellantis regarding the future STLA Small platform.

Less certainly, Alfa Romeo could revive the Mito, based on the Peugeot e-208, and therefore in a 100% electric configuration, at this horizon. The same would be true for thehypothetical comeback of the Giuliettaif the decision was made, this time inheriting the guts of the future Peugeot e-308 and Opel Astra-e.

2025 et 2026

The current ones Stelvio and Guilia will show almost 10 years of career when they are replaced. It is a 100% electric design that is looming for these two future models which will be based on the plate-forme STLA Large of the Stellantis group. Up to 800km can be traveled on board, in one go, when their electric motors provide 450 ch, au maximum.


No limousine is planned, for the moment, within the Alfa Romeo range. Since then, the top of the range will be entrusted, in 2027, to a very large 100% electric SUV which could retain the STLA Frame base, the most imposing of the Stellantis constellation. Studied primarily for the needs of the North American market, as well as for utility models, it will be eligible for power levels approaching 900 hp. More soberly, 2027 would be likely to witness the return of the Spider convertible, alias Duetto, in a 100% electric configuration, of course. The technical base STLA Medium should be retained to offer 170 to 245 hp to this barquette advocating lightness.

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