all future models until 2025

Renault: all future models until 2025.

After the launch of the Megane E-tech Electricin recent months, Renault hopes to finally overshadow the Peugeot 3008, at the end of the year, via the launch of theAustral which replaces the Kadjar. It seems to have given itself the means by taking care of its interior and their digital equipment, while its engines multiply the hybridizations (light, classic and rechargeable), on the technical basis of the third opus of Nissan Qashqai. In the complete electrification chapter, this will apply to utilities with the arrival of new Kangoo and Trafic E-Tech Electric. The youngest of the lot will benefit, in passing, from a long wheelbase variant.


Next year will give pride of place to Clio facelifts et Capture. The latter, already available in rechargeable hybridization, will probably increase the capacity of its battery to improve its 100% electric autonomy, and will be declined under a coupe silhouette, like the Arkana. More surprising will be the appearance of a raised sedan derivative, based on the Renault Taliant, a model intended for emerging markets, for the time being. But the arrival of this Taliant X (non-definitive name) is not certain on French soil. That same year, the Austral will lengthen by a few tens of centimeters for the needs of a 7 seater variants which will target the Peugeot 5008. It could adopt the name Grand Austral… or Space, according to some rumours. Finally, for lack of Austral cut, the Arkana will review its copy by carrying out a slight restyling which should be synonymous with the introduction of an Alpine Spirit finish, replacing the RS Line label. The same treatment should apply to the Megane E-Tech Electric to beef up his game.


Guarantor of a promise made in 2021, Renault will reissue its seventies icon: the Renault 5, fully reinterpreted stylistically speaking. It will have the particularity of being exclusively driven by the electricity fairy, when its price is expected to be below €25,000 to treat its popular car image. In parallel, the current Mégane could receive a second restyling to prolong its career, but it is more certain that a large electric SUV, closely derived from the Nissan Ariya, will appear for materialize the Renault Morphoz study of 2020. In addition, the Scenic, which disappeared from the catalog in 2022, will rise from its ashes. Coming from the eponymous concept car revealed last spring, it will radically change paradigm to become a 100% electric SUV, moving away from the family spirit of its ancestor characterized by its unibody silhouette.


Another legend on four wheels was to see the light of day the following year, with the announced return of the 4L. A concept car could announce it at the Paris Motor Show next October. Larger than the Renault 5, this electric 4L will take the form of an SUV approaching the size of the Captur (4.23 m), and will also be available in a van reminiscent of the F4 utility. At the opposite, a large 100% electric sedan could make its appearance, based on a Nissan model intended for North American markets. Thus, the French manufacturer would replace the Talisman by a sedan capable of competing with the Tesla Model 3.

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