a solar and all-terrain caravan

The Campworks NS-1 is a somewhat special caravan: it is equipped with a solar panel, and is cut out to go on an adventure off the beaten track.

For adventurers looking for a different alternative to a motorhome or campervan, here is the Campworks NS-1 (for “Nomadic System 1”), a caravan that can be transformed into a real mobile energy station.

The project started in 2017 as a study project: the founder of Campworks, Thomas Hoffman, was at the time a student at the University of Colorado, and wanted to develop a solution for living anywhere. A first version of his caravan was launched last year, but this new installment improves it, with more power to allow owners of electric vehicles to enjoy their outdoor escapades.

Campworks NS-1: a robust and comfortable caravan

At 3.86 meters long by 2.26 meters wide and 2.13 meters high, the Campworks NS-1 is a caravan built for adventure with its robust design, its solid running boards, its steel fairing under the body, its raised ground clearance of 48 centimeters, as well as its 31-inch BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires mounted on 17-inch TRD rims. It allows you to face all terrains, and can also be completed with a roof tent, accessible via a ladder.

The model also has reinforced thermal insulation, a air conditioner of 1,500 watts, as well as a queen size bed and storage space inside. At the back, there is a kitchen unit can be used outdoors with full equipment, which includes a sliding shelf, a two-burner stove, multiple storage spaces and LED lighting to enjoy al fresco meals during the evening.

Campworks NS-1: a real mobile energy station

The strength of the Campworks NS-1 is its ability to become a real mobile energy station for adventures far from civilization: it is able to deliver a power of 5,000 watts at 240 volts. For this he has a batterie LiFePO4 (lithium fer phosphate) de 5,5 kWh of capacity, which can be extended up to 11 kWhand recharged using an ordinary power outlet, or its integrated solar panel de 1.840 W.

Thanks to several types of electrical sockets as well as USB sockets, the NS-1 allows you to power any type of electrical device, such as a refrigerator, on-board air conditioning, a stove, lamps, mobile devices, or even charge an electric car!

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Campworks NS-1: launch for the end of 2022

The Campworks NS-1 is already available for order, subject to the deposit of a deposit of 1,000 dollars. Its final price is 65,000 US dollars, the equivalent of approximately 65.000 euros at the time of this writing.

Production of the NS-1 is expected to begin in November 2022, with first deliveries expected for the holiday season.