50 new radars will be installed in Marseille

Beware of speeding in Marseille, where around fifty additional speed cameras will soon be installed.

Speed ​​cameras have been popping up along the roads for many years now. And the least we can say is that they grow very, very well. Indeed, their number has multiplied over the last decade, and the degradations carried out during the yellow vests crisis in 2019 have not changed much. Indeed, most of the destroyed cabins have even been replaced by more modern and more efficient models. And in particular by turrets, capable of verbalizing a greater number of traffic violations. But the government wants to go even further and wants to speed up the sending of minutes, even though these bring in several million euros each year. This is one of the reasons why installations are multiplying, while radars are becoming more and more sophisticated. We are thinking in particular of turrets, but also of noise radars and future urban radars.

New establishments in Marseille

If the number of cabins increases everywhere, motorists traveling in Marseille will have to be particularly careful. And for good reason, after the Marseille city announced the establishment of the ZFE from September 1, it also plans to increase the number of speed cameras. In total, it is therefore fifty new cabins that will appear. And be careful, because it will not be just simple speed cameras. Drivers will indeed have to deal with urban radars, sort of miniature versions of turrets. Almost invisible, the latter will then be able to verbalize several offences, such as speeding and going through a red light, but also the absence of seatbelt and phone use while driving.

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New turret radars

Rest assured, however, all new speed cameras installed in the city will not be real, since some will only be decoys. It will still be difficult to detect them, especially since they should work alternately. It will therefore be imperative to respect the Highway Code, at the risk of losing points without even realizing it. But that’s not all. Indeed, throughout the Bouche-du-Rhône department, no less than 80 additional radar turrets will be installed over the next few months. The goal ? Double the number of cabins already present on the side of the roads.