1st VIDEO contact with the compact at a bargain price

After long months of teasing, the MG4 finally unveils its final technical characteristics, but above all its unbeatable prices.

Nouvelle MG4 Electric (2022) – Under the impetus of a Chinese group, the British brand is returning to France at full speed, with already 4 models in its catalog. After flooding the SUV market, MG responds to electric compacts such as Mégane and VW ID.3 with unbeatable prices.

This MG4 is however not a low cost model, starting with its design, very much in tune with the times, which takes particular care of its LED light signatures. But above all it has the merit of innovating via its entry-level battery, limited in rare earths, because it uses lithium iron phosphate technology. Its cells also shine by their compactness, allowing a horizontal arrangement and no longer vertical at the level of the base, to show 7 cm lower than an ID.3, thus rising to the level of a Mégane (1.50 m). A feat that she owes to her new modular platform which, in the future, will accommodate a wide range of silhouettes in very diverse sizes. On this MG4, two battery capacities are offered at launch to rally 350 km or 450 km WLTPpending a third level of autonomy greater than 500 km, during 2023.

Economical but not cheap

It also improves the speed of recharging, compared to existing electric MGs, by being able to recover 80% capacity in 35 to 40 minutes, depending on the version chosen. On the power side, a 170 hp electric motor joins the 51 kWh battery which constitutes the entry level, when that of 64 kWh is coupled to a block delivering 204 hp to the rear wheels. The latter being equipped with five arms, road holding looks promising, confirming the feeling of our handling of a prototype, recently.

With small onions

On board, we feel that MG has raised its quality standards for the European market, compared to the existing range. Not necessarily on the choice of materials, but rather in terms of the precision of the adjustments. The design of the cockpit is uncluttered, in an environment where the physical controls can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Everything is concentrated at the level of the central 10.25” touch screen, certain information from which is relayed on the 7” screen placed under the eyes of the driver. Digital endowment included across the entire range. By venturing into the menus, we appreciate the multiplicity of driving settings, such as the hardness of the steering or, even more surprisingly, the level of pressure exerted on the brake pedal.

Crumbs for the Megane

By slipping into the rear seats, we discover a spacious environment, despite the small size of this compact (4,29 m de long). It is all the same 8 cm more than the electric Mégane but, for all that, the MG does not do better in wheelbase length, with a identical side of 2.70 m. But it is especially the trunk volume that disappoints with only 363 l when the French takes up to 440 l.

Prix MG4 Electric

Not enough to undermine the morale of the MG4, given its price advantages: from €28,990 for 350 km of rangeand only 34,990 euros to rally 100 km more. Impossible to fight for the Mégane whose entry ticket (130 hp, 300 km WLTP) requires an additional €2,200. And to drive the point home, the Sino-British offers 7 years warranty. Unfortunately for the French automotive industry, the Sino-British, produced in China, risks “killing the game”.

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